Anavar Dosage Cycle Basics

Anavar comes from a popular steroid brand and is used by several bodybuilders for cutting and dieting. You need to know how to consume Anavar orally to have the best of the drug and reduce the possible side effects. Before you consider using the product, know the main activity of the drug or mechanism of action. You also need to know how to use it in the best possible way and the main activity of the drug. You must know the mechanism of action and how to promote safe use. You are also to consider having better body goals.

Basics of oral Anavar

When you want to take oral Anavar you must know the recommended doses for men and women, how to use the drug, ingredients added to Anavar, and side effects. The drug is a synthetic anabolic steroid produced in tablet form. Like a variation of testosterone, it gives you similar effects on the body. It can influence the hormone levels, development of sex characteristics and metabolism. The drug is derived from the metabolite of testosterone, and that is called dihydrotestosterone.

The drug has low progestational and estrogenic side effects and that reduces chances of having water retention, gynecomastia and bloating. Anavar is known to promote protein synthesis and that helps in growth, development and to maintain cells in the body. This includes muscles tissues, cells and fibers.

Anavar was initially used to promote muscle mass and add weight for people who recovered from illnesses, surgical processes and injuries. The drug interacts with androgen receptors that are found in target tissues like muscles. It can affect and influence the cellular growth and that in turn becomes muscle growth.

The drug is known to boost tissue retention valuable for fitness freaks who want to maintain muscle mass while dieting or cutting. Anavar is gentle when taken in low doses, but it can turn toxic when combined or induced with liver toxicity and cause damage. Any form of Oxandrolone has to be gotten by a prescription. The drug is one of the Schedule III controlled substances by FDA, and is banned in many countries.

How to consume Anavar?

Anavar in all forms is a prescription-only drug and doctors don’t recommend it for non- medical use. Medically, around 5 to 10 mg of the drug can be consumed every day. People tend to take around 15 to 25 mg of the dosage per day. As the oral Anavar has lower dosages, it is commonly stacked with testosterone to improve benefits.

Note that stacking or mixing oral Anavar can increase the chances of side effects. You have to be aware of the hormone balances while taking any steroid that influences metabolic processes. Anavar can be mixed with testosterone of different esters, but the cycle has to be known with respect to anabolic effects. People stack these two for muscle mass gains, and for that it ranges from 200 to 400 mg every week. Sometimes, Anavar is stacked with a steroid that does not aromatize into dieting or cutting phases.

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