Birth control pills – All you should know about these contraceptive pills

Chances are high that among the several kinds of birth control methods that are popular today, a pill is perhaps the best-versed. What is the reason behind the popularity of pills? This is because we have been learning about this since our school health classes soon after we came to know about how babies are born. But are you aware of the fact that the hormonal contraceptives were actually released during the 60s and that they’re usually touted to be the most scientific contraceptives that is available in the market.

Now that you can buy birth control online, you should know which one is the right pick for you and your health condition. Your body might react differently to different contraceptives and hence talking to your doctor is a must. Here are few things you should know about birth control pills.

Birth control pills – How do they work?

If you go for the most basic level, you have to take a pill regularly to prevent pregnancy. What this birth control does is that it suppresses ovulation. In what way does it suppress ovulating? The hormones that are there in the pill, something both progestin and estrogen and sometimes only progestin stops your eggs from exiting the ovaries. When there is no chance of your eggs leaving your ovaries, this means no chance of fertilization and hence you can stay away from getting pregnant.

Different kinds of pills

Most of the women have been prescribed to have combination pills which contain both progestin and estrogen and these pills even thin the uterus lining thereby making it difficult for the eggs to attach to the lining. At the same time it also thickens the cervical mucus which makes the sperm difficult to reach the uterus. You have to take one pill everyday and ideally there are 3 active weeks which have got pills containing a hormones rolling at a different level and one placebo week of sugar pills.

In case your body is sensitive to estrogen, your doctor may suggest your pills which only contain progestin and these are called mini pulls as they thicken the mucus of the cervix and thins down the lining of the uterus.

Are the pills effective enough?

If you abide by the advice of the doctor and you take the pill in a manner that is directed, this will be 99% effective. But if you forget to take a pill everyday, you might run the risk of getting pregnant. As per Planned Parenthood, around 9 among 100 women tend to get pregnant only when they don’t take the pills are prescribed.

One more thing that you should be concerned about is that there are few medications which can make the birth control pills less effective. Hence, you should give your doctor a list of the other medicines that you have so that he might inform you about which to stop.

So, if you don’t want to get pregnant now, make sure you follow the above mentioned birth control methods so that you could lead a happy and healthy life.

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