Chronic ear sores and their cause. A different kind of pressure.

Ear pressure sores, sometimes called CNH, Chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis or Winkler’s Disease is a chronic, little discussed yet widely felt condition that affects the ears.

What is CNH exactly?

Plainly put – CNH is a pressure sore on the helix of the ear (or any part of the ear which rubs against your pillow). This pressure sore begins as a small red patch, tender and sore to the touch, before steadily deteriorating into an open sore or lesion. This is in essence the same kind of thing as a bed sore one would find in a hospital setting. Usually the body can heal such sores by itself however when the sore is continually agitated, rubbed and messed around with, it is unable to heal.

When the body is afflicted by pressure or bed sores, the nurses will move the patient around so that the affected area is not touching the fabric of the mattress. In this way the body can heal without interference.

If you have a pressure sore on your ear, the situation is the same, and so is the remedy. For the ear to heal you need to remove the source of pressure and friction.  However, since CNH only really affects people that sleep on their side, the choices are limited. It is very difficult to sleep in any other way if you have been sleeping on your side for your entire life. If you’re a side-sleeper you will know how difficult it is to sleep on your back. Yet it is sleeping on your side and the action of the pillow rubbing against the ear that causes the problem.

You have an ear pressure sore and you’re a side sleeper. How do you get rid of it?

Well, you can try sleeping on your back or in another position, but that’s not always possible, or particularly enjoyable. You could try to fashion something to relieve the pressure. Some people use strips of foam and tape it to their heads. However, that is as ridiculous as it sounds and people soon realise it isn’t acceptable.

In truth, the best solution is to combine the familiar comfort of a pillow with the necessity of removing the source of pressure. That is why the ‘Pillow With A Hole’ was created. It is, quite literally, a pillow with a hole in it. This hole allows the ear to nestle comfortably without the fabric of the pillow rubbing against it. In this way the ear can heal naturally and quickly.  You can purchase a pillow with a hole here:

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