Dosis de anavarpastille for Men and Women

Often labelled as the “Girl Steroid” Anavar is highly used by women on a large scale since the supplement helps them significantly shredding down extra body weight. Not only by women, have men also used it to a great extent in order to achieve lean mass over their tissues. It won`t be wrong to say that this anabolic steroid swing both ways. Apart from acting as a fat cutter it also aids in adding up of mass over lean tissue. But regarding the bulking up factor, there`s more to be explored. We would be discussing this later in the article.

Dosage limit for men and women

Regarding the dosis de anavar pastilla, determining the kind of anavardosage amount is very important since it plays a crucial role in achieving the results.  It`s not that every other person using the dosage cycle, achieves the same results. It depends upon the body capacity and health of an individual. Great degree of personalization is seen in these supplements and drugs and it`s very important to know of the anabolic and the androgenic compounds and their effects. In the article, we would be discussing the dosage limit for men and


Since the steroid contains the hormone Oxandrolone, it isn’t a profitable venture to invest into it if one is taking in in order to gain considerable mass. Owing to its high cost, those who want to achieve high mass gain will have to consume it in high dosage amount and only then will it help them out in gaining weight.

It is perfect for usage in cutting phases. The steroid perfectly helps an individual in cutting down on extra fat and high content in the body. It can be consumed initially between 40-50 mg per day. Few beginners might also start with 30 mg per day which is also an appropriate dosage limit. Even if the consumption reaches 80 mg, it is considered safe. But still, owing to the high price of its availability in the market, it should be consumed wisely.


The dosage amount of 10mg per day for women is considered to be safe for women since females opt for this supplement only to burn off fat and get in shape. The fact that the supplement doesn’t help much in gaining weight or adding up of mass on the body doesn’t affect them since they only focus on getting rid of their fat from the body. They aren’t concerned with gaining weight whatsoever.

But few women also exceed their dosage limit from 10mg to 20-30 mg per day. That`s however not advisable nor is it safe. Over consumption of steroids leads to side effects. In women virilization is one of the common side effects. Rather than going for the whole dosages, it would be better for women to go for it for 6 weeks only.  If they are starting with it again, they should observe a gap of 3-4 weeks before starting on with their 6 weeks cycle again. It`s very important for women to understand that by over dosage amount, you won`t be able to achieve the fitness results, rather the danger of increase of side effects also increases.

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