Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions Regarding HGH Dosage and Get Maximum Benefits

There are lots of companies available in the market that sells human growth hormones. Among the available ones, somatropin is said to have a good reputation in the market. Generally, the human growth hormone or HGH is used for children to establish the failed growth.

Somatropin is also helpful for adults in treating them in case they have lower levels of HGH in their blood stream. The somatropin is available in the form of injection that can be used for any adults. Dosage will differ depending upon the age and health condition of that adult.

The HGH is mainly used for repairing the hormonal deficiencies. It is strongly advised that before you could start using the HGH make sure you have consulted your physician. Your physician will be able to prescribe you the right dosage and this will help you get maximum benefits.

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There are various reasons for the deficiency of natural HGH, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Prader – Willi syndrome, in this the person will witness delayed growth, weaker muscle mass and feeding issues
  • Turner syndrome – in this only females will get affected and this is mainly due to lack of X chromosome
  • Noonan syndrome – in this case the person’s particular body part will get affected with normal growth due to the genetic defects
  • Failure of kidney functioning
  • AIDS patients who are suffering from severe weight loss

In order to take the somatropin injection you need to have a legal prescription from your physician. Many people prefer somatropin not only for treatment of their HGH deficiency, but also to increase the body mass. Especially, body builders prefer this injection.

If you are planning to go for this supplement then your dosage of somatropin will be judged by your physician only after examining your health. It is strongly advised that once you start the somatropin course you need to visit your doctor once in 8 weeks to monitor the effectiveness. Your doctor will adjust the dosage based on your progress on HGH levels in your blood.

You need to adhere to the instructions of your doctor in order to avoid any kind of side effects. In case of dosage variation there could be some side effects which will affect your general health. Try avoiding the over dosage of somatropin and maintain a constant growth. As stated earlier, the results may vary person to person all you need to do is to concentrate on your own progress.

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