HGH supplements: knowing it better


HGH is a hormone that is naturally secreted in the Pituitary glands by Somatotrophic cells and it helps in stimulating reproduction/regeneration of cells in organs of human body. It is also considered as a stress hormone that helps while changes that occur due to stress. It is a hormone that is responsible for properdevelopment ofour body, responsible for muscle growth, strengthening of bones, renewing of cells and tissues in the body etc. If there is a disturbance in the production of HGH, it will result in disproportionate growth which can be seen both in children and adults. Hence, a growth hormone supplement is prescribed.

Deficiency of HGH

A deficiency of HGH is noted both in children and adults. It is more a concern in children as it is a hormone responsible for their proper growth. A deficiency of HGH will result in lack of muscle, smaller height, sight problemssmaller feet and hands,improper sexual developments, increased weight and constant hunger. More serious problems like risk to heart and kidney problems, blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis etc. are also seen.

In adults, it is a general phenomenon to see a decrease in HGH as we get older with symptoms of grey hair, wrinkles, reduced strength, reduced muscle, low sex drive etc. but in some cases it is a cause of other health issues as well.

Importance of supplementing with HGH

Supplementing with HGH is important for those suffering from very low levels of HGH. Hence it is prescribed in children to build their immune system, build muscles and improve the overall growth.

Now-a-days adults are using HGH supplements to increase muscle and look younger. But medically it is only prescribed for people with severe health issues. It is also increasingly being used by as a body building supplement by many body builders and athletes to improve strength and build muscle.

Once the appropriate level of HGH is restored, there is an increased metabolism, weight gain, better immune system, younger feel, maintained levels of cholesterol, faster recovery of injuries and high levels of energy. Visit HGHSupplement.org for more knowhow.

How to supplement?

You can supplement for HGH in many ways which include natural ways, use synthetic hormone of HGH, and other supplements also.

The natural ways to supplement include:

  • Good sleep,
  • Exercising regularly,
  • Intake of vitamin “C”,
  • Laughter,
  • Reducing sugar intake,
  • Liver detox,
  • L-arginine, L-dopa & L-glutamine
  • GABA, a non-protein supplement that sends signals to the brain and helps to aid sleep.
  • Melatonin Supplements are also popular that help in sleep to increase quality & duration of sleep which results in increasing HGH.

HGH can also be supplemented in forms of tablets, injections, sprays and powder products. Buying HGH is not that easy. Hence people opt to buy the powder form of it. This helps to boost the HGH production in pituitary glands naturally.

Buying injections of HGH needs prescription as it is only prescribed for a hormone replacement therapy. They need to be administered by your doctor. The HGH injection called Somatropin is a synthetic hormone and is very expensive but works irrespective of functioning of pituitary glands.

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