Is Anavar the BEST Weight Loss Steroid or a Hoax?

Anavar also known as oxandrolone is a popular oral anabolic steroid used by body builders across the world. The steroid is mostly used during the cutting cycle as bulking with Anavar does not give the desired effects due to the decreased amount of lean muscle tissue.  This might be a disadvantage but the possible advantages are many like it provides incredible strength and stamina. This happens primarily due to the increased retention of nitrogen in the body and when this happens there is a massive boost in strength resulting in longer workout periods.

Another important function is that Anavar definitely aids in weight loss by initiating the fat burning process. Over the years it has been used as a cutting agent during the period of fat loss. This is primarily good for the stubborn fat that is hard to burn with only dieting and exercises. Now how does this actually happen? Studies have shown that they decrease the thyroid binding globulin concentration and increase thyroxin binding pre albumin thereby facilitating the increased utilization of thyroid hormone i.e.T3 by the cells. The increased uptake results in aggravated metabolism there by initiating the fat burning process. Anavar cycles can give us impressive weight loss results when coupled with proper diet and exercise routine. Also with Anavar cycle what goes away stays away. Studies showed that even after a period of 12 weeks the subjects still had a lower overall body fat percentage. Therefore we may infer that Anavar has a very positive impact on long term weight loss. Anavar weight loss results timeline can be viewed here.

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Maintaining the optimal dosage cycles is also very important for attaining the desired results. For men at the beginner level 40-60mg is adequate.  The dosage might appear to be on the lower side but beginners respond much better to lower dosage the intermediate or advanced steroid users. The intermediate and advanced dosage can go up to 100mg. The dosage in females is around 5-10mg per day and this gives them the perfect desired results with the least risk of androgenic and virilization side effects. The female users must ensure that they do not run the Anavar cycle for more the 4-6 weeks as prolonged use will ultimately lead to virilization. Anavar has an average half life of 9 hours thereby requiring a dosage of twice per day.

Anavar – Benefits

Anavar may have numerous benefits but we cannot negate the potential side effects it might cause. These include frequent passage of urine, acne breakouts, virilization, breast tenderness etc.  Apart from these there are certain serious side effects but are less frequent like enlarged prostate, liver problems, irritation in the stomach and intestines. Also pregnant and breastfeeding women or children should not use this steroid for the purpose of weight loss as it may do more harm than good.

It being a dihydro testosterone derivative restricts the conversion of androgens to estrogen. Due to this the user can gain excellent lean solid muscle mass with no water retention. If the cycle has been coupled with appropriate diet and exercise there is minimal fat gain or retention.

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