Qsymia and Its Base Ingredients

Many weight loss products have Phentermine as the base. This substance is well-known for its weight loss capability and has gained more popularity over the years. But this substance poses a high risk when used alone in raw form. So, many manufacturers use this as a base product and add other ingredients that make the actual product effective. Topiramate is another weight loss product which is mainly known for its medical properties in controlling seizures. Apart from this, the product is also known to avoid additional buildup of fat in the body thus controlling obesity. Thus these two products give immense benefits as such. Both drugs combined together did give birth to a new product, Qsymia that gives benefits of both the products.

Why is this better than others?

This product is a combination of two powerful products. While Phentermine has the capacity to suppress hunger, Topiramate has the capacity to prevent additional fat build up. This drug is also misspelled as Osymia in many countries. Due to high effectiveness, it is recommended to take Osymia 30 minutes before a meal. This is an FDA regulated drug and needs to be administered in regulated and controlled dosages. This is also considered as a safe way to boost weight loss and also provide some stamina and strength for the users.


Reliability and dosage of this product

It is recommended to take this product once a day orally. The dosages are available in form of 3.75/23, 15/92. The dosage 3.75/23 means 3.75 mg of phentermine and 23 mg of Topiramate. The next level, 15/92 is on a very higher side and typically needs to be avoided in many cases. Diet regulation and building a proper exercise habit is very easy while having this drug. This drug cannot be combined with many other drugs as this it is a combination of 2. Hence, a user must consult with a proper physician if he plans to take any additional course or is already taking one. Topiramate results in many side effects including hyperactivity, diarrhea, headache and insomnia. Hence if a person is noticing any of these effects should immediately visit a doctor and get it rectified. If these side effects don’t stop after a week or after physician’s recommendation, it is advisable to stop using this product.

Side effects and usage restrictions

Qsymia should never be taken by women who are trying to conceive, women who are pregnant, nursing mothers and elderly persons. All these people would be severely impacted by Qsymia and its side effects. For a missed dose don’t take additional tables for compensation. At least 6 hours of a gap should be there between 2 dosages. Many countries would ask for legal prescription in case if this drug is prescribed and is very much illegal to possess this without a valid prescription. Due to high metabolic activity, it is recommended to take Osymia 30 minutes before a meal. It is very basic requirement that the dosages will have to be taken as per physician’s advice and stick to minimum dosage tablets for better efficiency and good health.

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