Synthetic Urine Product – Helps To Pass Urine Drug Test

Synthetic urine is one of the great ways to pass a drug test. The fake piss is similar in composition and looks to the chemicals that laboratories use to calibrate the equipment. You can also try the Detox drink to mask the urine or otherwise you can also take the Detox supplements that will perfectly work for a few days. Synthetic urine is simple to obtain, therefore most people recommend them. But there are a number of fake pee brands available in the market. You can purchase the liquid urine, not the big brands and powdered stuff that comes with the heating powder, because it handles over the cold urine sample which is the easiest way to fail a drug test. You can also buy the synthetic products as per your needs.

Sub solution synthetic urine

The sub solution synthetic urine is toxin free and is the best fake pee. It comes with the chemical heating powder that will warm the fake pee in a matter of a few seconds. Most of the people fail the urine test if they have been under the influence of drugs, so it is the perfect solution for them. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee that inspires confidence as a product that is confident about its quality. Most people recommend that you purchase synthetic urine from online stores because of the economical price, the convenience and the anonymity. We provide below a buying guide for synthetic urine.

Purchase best synthetic urine product

In the market, there is the wide range of the synthetic urine products available so you should buy the best one for your needs. The top branded synthetic products are Sub solution, Purine Powdered Urine, Quick fix and others. The fake piss reviews help you to purchase the best product for your urine test.

  • Quick fix

The quick fix is a reputed synthetic pee brand and it has different version such as plus version and the regular version. The user should heat it to the desired temperature that can take up to 30 to 40 minutes sometimes.

  • Sub solution powdered urine

The sub solution powdered urine kit has the edge over the competition and the user can hear it within few seconds. It comes with the chemical heating powder and the user can mix with urine to heat it on demand.

  • Purine powdered urine kit

The Purine powdered urine comes in the powder form. When the powder is mixed correctly it has the right qualities required to pass the drug test.

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