Widely used and trusted steroid for Athletes

Danabol 10mg is one of the best orally administered steroids that can have a great impact on the protein metabolism. The effect of Danabol steroid is that it promotes the protein synthesis, thus by promoting the buildup of protein. This effect manifests itself in a positive nitrogen balance and overall improved well being. Though Danabol oral steroid are available online, you must be aware of the source from where you are buying, as few sites online offer you fake products too. To buy real and reliable Danabol, you can get Danabol 10mg tablets from Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

Danabol 10mg also known as Dianabol has a very strong anabolic and androgenic effect. Danabol 10 mg tablets are generally blue coloured heart shaped tablets that are sealed in bottles of 500 tablets. Because of their colour and shape, Danabol tablets are also called as blue heart Dianabol. Danabol has always been one of the most popular and desired anabolic steroids available in market. So, as its popularity increases, many fake products also may take place online. Danabol 10 mg tablets from Balkan Pharmaceuticals are the most reliable products available online. Danabol’s popularity reached its peak because of its almost immediate and very strong anabolic effects. Just 4 to 5 Danabol tablets per day is enough to give almost anybody the dramatically results. This steroid can also be stacked with many other steroids. Generally, it is stacked with deca durabolin & testosterone Enanthate for maximized results. Danabol 10mg can also be combined with Winstrol tablets and also with injectable steroids.


Danabol 10mg being a very strong anabolic & androgenic product offers dramatic gains in both size and strength. Danabol 10mg was also said to increase endurance and glycogen retention. Danabol normally comes as a tablet in 10 mg weight. It is used by many newbies as it could be taken by mouth itself. Since the half-life of dianabol 10mg is just 3 hours to 5 hours, taking this drug at least twice a day is necessary to achieve best results and an even concentration of Methandienone in the blood. Taking these tablets during meals is preferable, as it can avoid possible gastrointestinal pain. An effective daily dose of Danabol for athletes and bodybuilders is of 15 mg to 40 mg per day. The dosage of dianabol 10mg taken by the athletes or bodybuilders should always be coordinated and should be followed as per their individual goals.

Mostly Danabol is not preferable for women as virilization symptoms can occur in women because of this drug, but taking low dosage may help them to avoid from possible side effects. Though dianabol 10mg has many potential side effects, they could be moderated or controlled with a dosage of up to 20 mg per day. Danabol 10mg usually causes severe side effects on liver, but taking high doses of Danabol over a longer period of time is liver-toxic and causes severe damage to the liver. The other side effect caused by Danabol is high blood pressure and a faster heartbeat. Taking Nolvadex and Proviron along with Danabol is recommended as Danabol 10mg strongly converts into estrogens. If very high dosages are taken, then aggressive behavior in the user can be observed, so it should be used in required low dosages.

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